New Jersey Princeton Urban Quest

Print your puzzle and clues to start exploring!

Discover amazing sights in Princeton, NJ.

This 2 hour walking tour is perfect for small groups of 4.

Add a mystery lunch or dinner too!

Solving the quest will help uncover the reservations for your meal.



New Jersey Princeton Urban Quest New Jersey Princeton Urban Quest

Explore the sights of Princeton, NJ with this interactive tour. Urban Quest will lead you around the city with a map and clues until you can solve a series of puzzles.

This walking tour of NJ will take you all around Princeton, NJ!

Explore the beautiful city with a fun quest!

Use printable clues to solve a series of puzzles.

You will walk around 2 to 3 miles with this tour.

Add the dinner or lunch option, too!

You will have to solve the puzzles in order to find your mystery reservation.

It will take about 2 hours for you to complete your quest.

This is the best way to tour NJ!

This walking tour of Princeton is also great for all ages!

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