A New Jersey Love Story 4: The Finale (Volume 4)




Ride or Die means you’ll always have each other’s back through the good times and bad. Troy and Camilla are the meaning of a Ride or Die couple. Never afraid to put a bullet in a nigga’s dome for her husband, Camilla has promised to retire her guns and play the background by allowing her king to take the lead. That retirement is short-lived when she calls Troy’s Atlanta hotel room and another woman answer his phone. With murder on the brain, Camilla races out to Atlanta with the intentions to fuck shit up and drag her husband back home. Atlanta may not be ready for the wrath of Camilla. Troy on the other hand has longed to be that guy who stays at home and takes care of his family. After Camilla loses the baby at the hands of his father, they have been trying to expand their family but the news of Camilla possibly not being able to have any more kids, shakes up his world. Two years after announcing his retirement of being a hitman, Troy is called in for a job that he can’t turn down or he’ll have to deal with G-ma but not turning the job down may have placed a few people in danger. In danger of his wife, that is. With her confidence on a hundred and now the new Mrs. Gregory Knight, Blaize has opened her world to new experiences and possibilities to match this newfound confidence. Now the new gymnastic teacher at Kaylee’s school, Blaize has gained her love for the sport back. So much so, that she has been neglecting her husband’s needs. Knight has never been the type to have to ask for something more than once and that’s not about to change. With that mindset and the lack of tender loving care, Knight has found other activities to help him deal with his frustrations. Blaize is concerned when her husband stops asking for sex and has been spending much of his time at the club. So much time that he’s not coming home at night and sleeping at the clubs. Will they find a way to make things work or will the lack of intimacy cause Knight to make a deal with The Devil? With new found, rekindled and even fatal loves these couples have been through it all but has never given up on each other. They stay down to ride to the very end of this New Jersey Love Story.

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