Behind the Walls (Jolie Gentil Cozy Mystery Series) (Volume 6)




Behind the Walls has been through three rounds of judging and is a finalist in the 2014 Murder and Mayhem Awards! Chanticleer Book Reviews will announce the winner in March 2015.

It’s fun to buy a house. Unless there is something hidden behind the walls and someone wants it. Someone who is willing to kill for it. Jolie is pursued by a purse thief and a burglar, but the guy she’s most worried about is the one who left an elderly auctioneer dead on her porch swing. In between appraising houses and planning a fundraiser for the food pantry (can you say liquid string contest?), Jolie, Scoobie and friends need to figure who left a cache of jewelry behind the walls in her house. And who is going to help her cat Jazz feel at home in the new house? Maybe a different kind of pet…

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