Endangered and Threatened Wildlife of New Jersey



This book details all 54 animals currently at risk of extinction in New Jersey. Find out exactly what you can do to every animal that shares the same love for the Garden State as you.





New Jersey is home to some of the most unique wildlife thanks to its diverse natural habitats and landscapes. Thousands of people travel to the Garden State every year just to see birds and other animals that can’t be found anywhere else. This book, Endangered and Threatened Wildlife of New Jersey, takes the time to focus on issues within the environment that makes it hard for these animals to survive. Every animal is dependent on their environment, and so New Jersey is more than just home to these thousands of different animals. Many use this as part of their migratory route, while others remain here year round. This book outlines information on 54 different animals that run the risk of extinction. New Jersey is home to them, but the author claims the reasons for each of their own population decline in the last few years and what has been done already to fix the problem. He also goes through what he believes must be done in the future to help save these animals and to keep New Jersey’s wildlife flourishing. This book should be a wake up call to those that do not know how much of an issue this is. 54 species in New Jersey alone are endangered, and there are many things we can do today to help them.


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