Powered Geek Box

Send someone special the ultimate gift!

A Monthly Subscription Box made just for the geek in all of us.

Be prepared for the best toys and souvenirs related to our favorite superheros and TV characters.

Great for all ages!



This is the ultimate gift for kids or adults with a unique passion!

Check out Powered Geek Box for custom monthly subscriptions for nerds!

Does your child or friend have an obsession with all things geeky?

Then he or she is the perfect candidate for this monthly subscription box!

Send him fun toys and accessories with a variety of different superheros and fun characters.

No child can be disappointed by the contents of their box every month.

Choose between three different options for the best gift yet:

  1. Geek Peek
  2. Premium Geek
  3. Ultimate Geek
  4. Geek Chic

Being a geek is not a bad thing; it’s cool!

Receiving these awesome packages in the mail every month will make them smile bigger than ever.


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