Gone Fishin’: The 100 Best Spots in New Jersey



This book lists the top 100 spots to go fishing in New Jersey. A collection of fresh and salt water places along with maps, directions, advice, information, and detailed information on how to catch every fish in every location.


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Use this comprehensive guide to fish the 100 best areas in New Jersey. There are tons of fresh and salt water locations to fish, and this book has rated the best 100 and detailed everything for you and your next fishing trip. The insights provided by these fishing experts will guide you through your most successful fishing trip yet. Learn the best locations, what fish are there, how to fish for them, and look at detailed maps and directions for extra help. This book goes incredibly in-depth with what bait to use, fishing methods, equipment, depths, best times and days of the year, and secret tips. Read fun anecdotes from the fishing experts as well about their own fishign experiences


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