Good Night New Jersey (Good Night Our World)



This is a great book for children growing up in the great garden state because they can learn about all of New Jersey’s attractions and major landmarks with fun and colorful pictures.



Good Night New Jersey (Good Night Our World) highlights some of the most exciting NJ locations, landmarks, and attractions that our beautiful state has to offer. Some of these places include Asbury Park, Camden’s Adventure Aquairum, boardwalks, and the Pine Barrens! Children will love hearing about these exciting places and seeing them in colorful pictures.

The best part about this book is that every location is real and can be visited! Children will learn all about their state.

This is also a great book to remind your children of places you have gone together. All the sites listed on this book are child friendly and perfect for a family day trip. Read this book at bedtime for an unforgettable story.

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