Great Storms of the Jersey Shore



Great Storms of the Jersey Shore is a dramatic history of major coastal storms which have hit the Jersey Shore. Generously illustrated with nearly two hundred photographs, engravings, and maps, the book is an opportunity to appreciate the horror and beauty of the great storms. This oversize book is beautifully printed, with many duotone reproductions, on heavy matte stock. The authors have combined exhaustive research of archival reports and old news accounts with interviews of more than 200 people who experienced major storms first-hand. Much of the book is devoted to these vivid stories, with extensive narratives of the devastating 1962 nor’easter and the great hurricane of 1944. Those who have known the power of the great storms draw us in to a time and place where survival is uncertain. Few living at the shore today have experienced extreme storms, but for those who have; as they describe in this book, it is a defining moment in their lives. The book also touches upon the mythic nature of great storms, with excerpts from literature, the meteorology of coastal storms, and environmental implications for those living along the coast. It is a significant reference covering storms from the voyages of Columbus to the big nor’easter of December ’92; a must for every shore resident’s library as well as an attractive coffee-table book.

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