Jersey Girl Sandal Sticker


Make a splash when you give her this great Jersey Girl Sandal Sticker. Just like the freedom of the waves, she will have the freedom to put it wherever she wants. If sun and sand is what she wants, give it to her in the form of a sticker with this beach-themed decal.


If you spend your summers “down the shore” not at the beach, then this is the sticker you’ll want for your car. Get down to any of the shore exits in style with the Jersey Girl Sandal Sticker. This decal consists of detailing that makes this sticker reflect the beauty of the shore. With the starfish, shoreline, and sandals, if you’re not at the beach, you’ll be wishing you were. Give this great sticker to your beach bunny from New Jersey for an awesome gift. No matter if she puts it on a computer, notebook, or car, she’ll only be thinking of the waves.


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