Just Like Heaven

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It all started with a red lace thong. Normally Kate is a twin set and pearls kind of girl who wouldn’t be caught dead in such a thing. But that’s exactly what happens when sudden chest pains leave her lying in a parking lot with her skirt hiked up around her hips for all of Princeton to see. It’s a man in a Grateful Dead t-shirt who saves her life, and then disappears without a trace. A total stranger-and yet Kate would give anything to see him again. How is she to know that her mystery man is planning a new, far-away life for himself, one that doesn’t include romance, even if he can’t seem to get the woman in red lace out of his mind?

Romance isn’t high on Kate’s list of priorities either. But when the handsome good Samaritan shows up on her doorstep, they discover that even the strongest heart is no match for love…


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