Keyshia & Cashmere 3: A Jersey Hood Love Story (Volume 3)

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Part Three picks up right where it left off. With Cashmere back in the building after being hit with a Probation Violation and Prince heading in to start his sentencing, things can’t seem to get any lower. Still in all, Bree is determined to hold her man down no matter how long it is. But every woman needs a little attention in their life right? Does Bree stay ten toes down for Prince, or does she end up falling victim and betraying his trust? Jacey and Mike finally called it quits after their 10 year marriage blew up in her face. Jacey soon begins dating, and thinks she may have possibly found someone that peeked a lot of her interests. Mike on the other hand has other plans, and refuses to let his wife move on if it’s not in a body bag. But what happens when he gets a dose of his own medicine and see’s there’s always a flip side to a woman’s love? Will she give him yet another chance, or was this be the final straw that broke the camel’s back? It seems like Keyshia and Cashmere just can’t get right. One minute they are up, and the next they are down. But after Keyshia finds out the extent of Cashmere’s betrayal and leaves him stinking in the county, he is livid. Keyshia swears she is done with Cashmere, and decides to put all her focus into her work and children, but the sexy suave Rico makes it hard for her to resist. After all, he was there before Cash. Torn between the two men, Keyshia goes through a whirlwind trying to figure out which man is worthy of her love. Has Cash crossed the boundaries and his infidelity gone too far? Everyone knows without a doubt Rico is madly in love with Keyshia, and up until now, he has played the side lines but with Cash out the picture this may be the chance for him to get his queen back. Will Cashmere grow up and realize what he is at risk of losing? Or does she choose to rock with Rico, the only one she can seem to count on? The stakes are high, and each couple has too much to lose. The heart loves who it wants, and loving a thug ain’t always easy. Tune in, for Keyshia and Cashmere Part 3: The Finale With appearances from ‘Jux and Lani’, from A Jersey Love Saga: No Faces No Cases.


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