Love Bomb: A Novel




“Smart, funny, [and] irreverent…A perfect summer novel.”–Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post
Author of Layover
New York Times Book Review
Editors’ Choice

“It’s been a while since I’ve read a satire as deft and ambitious as Lisa Zeidner’s Love Bomb….Wildly entertaining.”–Richard Russo, author of That Old Cape Magic and Empire FallsIn quaint Haddonfield, New Jersey, Tess is about to marry Gabe in her childhood home. Her mother, Helen, is panicked about the guest list—which promises warring exes, racial tensions, and way too many psychiatrists. But the most challenging guest is an uninvited one: a woman who shows up in a wedding dress, wearing a gas mask and toting a sawed-off shotgun, with a bomb trigger strapped to her arm.

While the warm, wise Helen attempts to control the hysteria, the hostages begin to untangle their connections to their captor, and to one another. Together, they await the arrival of the SWAT team—and the moment when “the terrorist of love” reveals her true motives.

A tough, tender social comedy and a romance with guts, Love Bomb is written with deep affection for everything it skewers.

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