New Jersey Student Edition



This textbook has been voted as the number one source for children in learning about New Jersey. Use practice tests to prepare for New Jersey tests and learn all the history you will need to know.


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Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Grade 4 NEW JERSEY Edition teaches students about New Jersey’s history. Every unit focuses on the big ideas of social studies that help students focus and gain a deeper understanding of the New Jersey Academic Content Standards. The NJ program builds geographic mastery with map skills reading strategies, and integrates Dinah Zike’s Foldables™ to help students improve comprehension. This program features  literature selections, primary sources, and Readers’ Theaters that bring history alive, citizenship pages that show real-life participation in democracy, and biographies that help students learn about the lives of people who have made a difference throughout New Jersey’s history. The program includes New Jersey Academic Content Standards for each lesson, as well as built-in New Jersey Test Preparation in every unit assessment.

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