Harlem and Gospel Tour

This tour thoroughly goes through the history, culture, and religious practices of New York’s neighborhood, Harlem. The bus tour makes several stops along the way:

  • Gospel religious mass at a local church
  • St. John the Divine
  • the Apollo Theater
  • Slyvia’s soul food restaurant
  • Malcolm X Mosque


NYC Harlem and Gospel Tour by Bus

The Gospel mass is one of the main attractions of New York. Visit Harlem and a experience a gospel mass led by a professional guide.

Experience a Gospel mass at a local church

The tour bus will take you to a church that is popular with the locals of Harlem to attend a gospel religious mass. Also stop by St. John the Divine, one of the most famous churches in the Harlem area.

Visit Harlem’s Unique Businesses and Cultural Institutions

The tour then stops at the Apollo Theater, which is the venue where Michael Jackson got his first big break. Try authentic soul food at Sylvia’s, one of Harlem’s most famous soul food restaurants. Finally, the bus visits the Malcolm X Mosque, which is surrounded by a variety of graffiti that celebrates African American culture. This tour is truly an unforgettable cultural experience that is worthwhile.

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