Sam and The Junkman, A New Jersey Muder Mystery (Volume 1)




Sam and the Junkman, A New Jersey Murder Mystery is jam-packed with Italians, Hungarians, Food, and MURDER. After escaping from a toxic relationship and rural backwoods boredom, sci-fi artist Sam Dvorshak runs back home to New Jersey and family. She immediately hooks up with her long time pal Tony DeFranco, a cool and handsome Italian dude who buys and sells junk. Their first time out together Tony takes her to his favorite dumpsite where they stumble upon a gruesome murder and plunge into an investigation that leads them to obnoxious suspects, hobos, big dogs, and Aunt Vilma. Getting no respect, they diligently forge ahead battling death threats, shadowy giants, and age discrimination to finally uncover the identity of the fiend who committed the heinous and grisly homicide.

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