The Indians of New Jersey: Dickon Among the Lenapes



This book is unique for children because they will learn about a historic part of New Jersey: the Lenape Indians. The story, unlike other history books, is told through the perspective of a young boy that was captured by the Indians. It makes history more exciting.



This book teaches children all they need to know about the Lenape Indians and who they are. Discover the culture, crafts, and language of this group of people, as well as how they have adjusted to the world around them as New Jersey developed. The story is told through the eyes of a shipwrecked English boy who was held captive by the Indians, making for a much more interesting read for children than other textbooks on New Jersey history. Drawings are also included to demonsrate the culture and land they lived on.

This new edition is a reissue of the original and no longer published, first edition published in 1938.

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