When Dinosaurs Roamed New Jersey



This book shares all the details on New Jersey’s role in the discovery of dinosaurs, as well as sharing an in-depth look at all the dinosaurs that roamed the Garden State before we ever existed.




This small but handy book will introduce you to the world of dinosaurs that once roamed New Jersey. Learn about all the history that has taken place in the Garden State in regards to dinosaurs. If you are looking for some interesting facts you never knew about the prehistoric days of our great state, then this is the book for you.

Read up on the unique history of the dinosaurs that once roamed our land. Did you know that the first dinosaur bone found in America was examined right in New Jersey? And by none other than Benjamin Franklin himself in the small town of Woodbury in Gloucester County, NJ. This was even decades before the name “dinosaur” was coined! Even the first reasonably complete dinosaur skeleton was discovered just a short drive from there in Haddonfield, Camden County, NJ.

Very few know how important New Jersey was in the beginning of paleontology. Now you can find out about it all with this in-depth look at New Jersey’s role in dinosaur discoveries as well as learn about all the unique and monstrous reptiles that used to rule the Garden State.

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