Animal Trackers Club

TheĀ Animal Trackers Club is a unique gift unlike any other.

Children with a passion for animals will have a blast collecting these unique toys and activities every month!

They will become animal and safari experts.

Perfect for children 3+



Set up an Animal Trackers Club Monthly Subscription today!

Receive a startup kit as the first box:

  • Intro to the Club
  • Safari Lunchbox
  • Startup Kit for Animal Card Collection
  • Activity
  • Savanna Art Project
  • And Much More!

Every month after, your child will get an awesome box with a variety of animal toys and activities:

  • Animal Figures
  • Animal Cards
  • Magnets
  • Learning Activities
  • Art Projects
  • And More

No box will ever be the same so it can keep them busy for months to come.

Watch the excitement in their eyes as they continue to grow their animal collection!

Choose a variety of payment options from just 1 month to 15 at a time.


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