Brick Loot

Set up a monthly gift subscription for the Lego lover!

This unique gift send kids new and exciting brick-toy gifts every month!

See what he or she can create with this fun box.

Keep them busy for hours!

Great for children of all ages.


Check It Out!


Set up a monthly subscription box for kids that love brick toys!

See the variety of payment options at Brick Loot!

They will do all the hard parts for you; they heavily research every month to find the most popular Lego toys.

When they find the best, they will send it to whatever child you choose to surprise them with a fun and exciting toy!

Looking for a way to show him you care?

Send him a monthly box with his favorite toys!

Legos are great because they suit children of all ages.

Children are always obsessed with these fun brick toys, so keep the fun going by sending them a new one every month!


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