Celebrity Chefs of New Jersey: Their Stories, Recipes, and Secrets



This book highlights some of the most famous chefs from New Jersey, may they be some of the great legends, TV celebrities, or local favorites. Read their life stories, cooking secrets, and try their signature recipes.




Celebrity Chefs of New Jersey looks into the kitchens and lives of the most famous chefs from the Garden State. These chefs have changed the way people look at New Jersey cuisine. These select chefs share all their secrets of the trade, where they came from, why they cook, and some of their best cooking tips they haven’t shared ever before! You can also find their most sought-after recipes that may seem sophisticated, but are completely possible for the at-home chef in New Jersey.

Some of these chefs are legends known all over the world, some TV stars that you can see on your favorite cooking channels, and others are known secrets to locals only! Check out the variety of categories and their awesome recipes in this book.

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