Folklore of the New Jersey Shore: History, the Supernatural, and Beyond

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“Extending along the eastern coast of the state, the Jersey Shore is filled with folklore and strange happenings. Discover how historical events here may have given birth to legend. Read about German U-boats sneaking past Sandy Hook in shallow water defying commonsense. Drive down pineland roads leading to a tiny clearing where satanic rituals, occult meetings, and whisky stills could have flourished. Chase spirits and spies at the Seabrook-Wilson House at the Bayshore Waterfront Park or consider the famed Jersey Devil. Find out about Captain Kidd and Blackbeard who may still be looking for buried treasure. See the Devil’s Tower in Cape May built so a man’s wife could see the New York City skyline, but all she saw from it was her husband with another woman – if you circle the tower three times, you will see “”something


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