I Survived: The Shark Attacks of 1916



This Scholastic Novel Series focuses on the brutal shark attack on the Jersey Shore in 1916. Children will love the combination of fact and fiction in this story where they can find a hero in someone their own age.



This scholastic novel will tell the story of what it was like to survive the famous shark attack of 1916 on the coast of New Jersey. This story is based on true events and gives your child a hero of their own age to look up to. While this is fiction, many details are based off the true event of the NJ shark attack from the summer of 1916.

Children will love the unique combination of fiction and reality with this best-selling novel:
10 year old Chet Roscow is terrified by the local news that a Great White Shark attacked a local shore and killed tons of people up and down the Atlantic Coast. Not far from Chet’s hometown, he is suddenly terrified to swim in the creek with his friends. What will happen when he sees something unfamiliar in the water?

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