Personalized Self-Guided New York Itinerary

Book this tour for a personalized experience in NYC!

Don’t settle for tours that have extra sites you don’t care for.

Have you been to New York before?

Then you probably already have sites you have seen, and know exactly which ones you want to see!

Personalize your NYC tour with a local insider to get the most of your trip.

You can customize it any way you’d like, but still have guided directions and details with you during the tour.

Book it now to start personalizing your NYC tour!

Personalize Your Tour



Personalized Self-Guided New York Itinerary – $200.00

Let a local plan your NY travel vacation! New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world, and it can be overwhelming to plan your vacation according to your interests and budget. By purchasing this package, you will have direct contact with a local, and you will get a day-by-day itinerary with tips on which attractions are more suitable for you, tips on restaurants, how to use the subway system to each attraction, and research on attraction deals in your dates.


Have you already been to New York and seen some awesome sites?

Then don’t waste time seeing them again!

Customize your NYC walking tour to see everything you want to see – and none of what you don’t!

Personalize any tour for a day of the best sightseeing in New York.

Your tour will be planned with your help by a local New York Insider!

Your tour can be customized for a day’s worth of fun sites, or you can choose to run your tour over the course of several days.

This tour is the absolute best for you and your New York trip!

Your local insider can also make recommendations for restaurants and attractions.

Your tour guide planner will also share some tips on how to save money in this expensive city.

You will not have an actual tour guide to walk the city with you.

Book and personalize your NYC tour now!

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