NYC Slavery and Underground Railroad Tour

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You will learn so many new and interesting things.

See historic New York sites up close.

Your expert tour guide will share a lot of unique history.

Learn all about slavery and the underground railroad in Manhattan.

Meet at:

National Museum of the American Indian, Lower Manhattan


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New York City Slavery and Underground Railroad Tour – $35.00

Take a walking tour of New York City and see the historic sites that tell the story of slavery and the Underground Railroad. Travel back in time to the 17th century when New York City was a Dutch colony named New Amsterdam. As you trace the Underground Railroad with your guide, learn about how it freed slaves in the 1800’s with the help of key abolitionists such as Frederick Douglass, and discover how slavery played an important role in New York City’s early history and economy.


Learn the history of the men and women that became known for the Underground Railroad.

These brave New Yorkers risked their lives every day to save those escaping slavery.

This a 2.5 hour long walking tour.

Walk the path of the Underground Railroad with an expert guide.

Some tour stops will include:

  • NYC African-American Freedom Trail
  • African Burial Ground Memorial
  • Abolitionist homes and churches

Discover incredible US history with a knowledgeable guide and historic sites.

Departure for every NYC Slavery and Underground Railroad Tour begins at 1:00 pm.

Bring your children for a unique and historic experience.

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