Pilot Lore: From Sail to Steam (Classic Reprint)




New York into the worlds greatest port, probably no other group of men has been so continual a part of it, and so near the heart of it, as that always numerically small one, known as theS andy Hook Pilots. Being so intimate a part of it. probably accounts for the fact that members of the craft have, in some way or other, shared in most of the many interesting and tragic events that have marked its growth; events which left indelible imprints on the minds and lives of all who shared their thrills and dangers. tv It is upon such events, upon the acts of heroism they prompted, of deep-rooted courage, of noble sacrifice, and of dutys high obligation, that the dearest and most cherished traditions of our craft are founded. As time passes and memory dims, we feel it a duty as well as a very great pleasure, to honor the men whose lives and acts have honored our craft by perpetuating in printed word a record of their deeds. And that is the purpose of this little book. United New York and New Jersey Sandy Hook Pilots Benevolent A ssns.
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