Buy Weird N.J.: Your Travel Guide to NJ’s Local Legends



Weird NJ holds all Jersey’s hidden secrets, most terrifying myths, and local legends.

New Jersey residents love reading about the scariest sights nearest to their own locations in the garden state. Find yours!


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The famous Weird NJ Guide is a household must-have for Jersey residents. Know everything about your state, may it be haunted roads, myths like the famed Jersey Devil, or spooky places like Vineland’s Palace of Depression. This book will share all you need to know about these strange New Jersey locations, and help you to plan the ultimate and most terrifying road trip of your life. New Jersey may not be the biggest state around, but that makes it perfect for driving around and seeing these locations for yourself to judge how weird they truly are.

Praise for Weird N.J.:

– “They are the chroniclers of the creepy, bards of the bizarre – Mr. Sceurman and Mr. Moran have created a journal of New Jersey’s unwritten history.” – The New York Times

– “Enough with the head-severing mobsters of Jersey. The state is packed with far more evil than TV could ever invent. And Weird N.J. has the pictures to prove it.”  – Rolling Stone

– “If it’s the offbeat, paranormal or downright weird that you crave – there could be no better place” – USA Today

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